We are an Urban Church....a collection of Downtown San Diego neighborhood
Faith Communities living out the ways of Jesus as Spiritual Families
& Parishes in & for our Unique Vicinities

We aim to be a col·lec·tive kəˈlektiv  of Covenant Communities, living for the sake of our Neighborhoods:

Our objective is to have communities in the 5 main neighborhoods of downtown San Diego in 2015; Little Italy, Columbia, Marina, Cortez Hill and East Village, (now forming). As with all communities, we have an i·den·ti·ty īˈdentitē  and that’s as a people who are fully reconciled to, and sons and daughters of, God our Father. We answer the calling to join him in his work of reconciling the world to himself and aim to do this by the core value of giving the gift of faithful pres·ence ˈprezəns. We do so by being: 1. present to the God who is always present to us, 2. present to each other as a Spiritual Family; and flowing out of that, 3. present to our immediate neighbors and neighborhood. Our cov·e·nant ˈkəvənənt is rooted in these three core commitments and describes how we, in our various locations, will pursue our calling to be a mentoring and sending community that develops people to live missional lives - they're explained below in a bit more detail:




a God

We believe that we were created to be worshipers and lovers of God.

As such, we will make the Triune God the center of our lives by collectively and individually committing to live as disciples of Christ.

This includes cultivating an attitude of thankfulness, a lifestyle of prayer and worship, a deep and responsive engagement with Scripture, a reliance on the provision and guidance of the Holy Spirit, exploring and practicing a diversity of spiritual disciplines, discovering God's goodness and beauty in his created world, and the intentional participation in the gift of Sabbath.



a Family

We believe that the Gospel is best experienced and expressed within a community of Christ-followers.

Because of this, we will open our lives to be shaped by the community in which God has placed us.

Our journey together will include living, as able, in close proximity, opening our lives and homes as places of invitation and hospitality, gathering at least once a week over a common meal, caring for and submitting to one another, speaking well of one another and defending each other's names, sharing stories and re­flecting on God's work of love in our midst, living more simply and sharing our resources with those in need, and gathering together weekly to grow and to be formed as apprentices of Jesus. 



a Parish

We believe that God calls all followers of Christ to live a life of mission

In obedience to this, we will incarnate the good news of the kingdom and become a reconciling and redemptive presence in the places we inhabit.

This life of mission will include "submerging" in our own unique neighborhood, living as the light of God's grace in places of darkness, inviting neighbors and friends to experience a differ­ent kind of faith community, becoming true caretakers of God's creation, creating spaces and moments for our neighbors to experience both community and communion with God, discipling our neighbors into deeper relationship with Jesus, partnering with other leaders in our city to advance the kingdom, helping to birth new faith communities, and apprenticing young leaders to live out all of these things with us and wherever God sends them.